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We are Worldgulf

We make chemistry work: clean, safe and sustainable

Smart chemistry is what we’re here for

At worldgulf, smart chemistry meets intelligent innovation to create value through sustainable solutions

Innovation spotlight

Enphase technology

Category technology center at Worldgulf proudly presents “Enphase”: a technical package for enhanced soil remediation. A technology that promise economic recovery through guaranteed lowering of TPH (total petroleum hydrocarbons) and 100% recycle of wash water. Contact us for additional information and technology demo videos

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About us

We serve the global oil and gas and production industry with exceptional breadth of products and services.

Our purpose

To create novel novel products with positive impact on environment is the core of what we do.

Where we operate

Having worked in Kuwait since 2005, we have a thorough understanding of the local market. We  maintain a stellar safety record and a strong commitment to promoting domestic products and services.


Working with Worldgulf is all about diverse people with great passion joining hands to share ideas and perspectives.

Our markets

We synergize innovation with industry expertise and help you transform your operations through our exceptional breadth of products and services.

Oil & gas treatment

The extensive portfolio of field-proven technology from Worldgulf guarantees continuous production.

Water treatment

We offer a variety of water management and treatment options including polishing for reinjection and bulk oil removal.

Industrial cleaning

We offer safe efficient and eco friendly chemicals with excellent environment credentials such as low aquatic toxicity, biodegradable and non VOC.


Effective disinfection plays a key role in facility maintenance.

Soil remediation

Our fresh sustainable approach takes a consultative and comprehensive view to implement solutions that surpass existing process standards.