Solva citra

PKG5SOLVA CITRAConcentrated citrus degreaser

Solva Citra is a concentrated heavy duty degreaser with natural orange peel extracts. This concentrate will form clear solutions upon dilution with water and effectively removes grease, grime, oil carbon and other soils, even at low concentration. Micro emulsion technology is used to blend d-limonene and premium citrus extracts with proprietary surfactants to maximize cleaning and emulsification. Solva Citra is free from petroleum distillates and other harmful solvents used throughout industry. This product serves as a versatile and powerful cleaner that leaves behind a fresh orange scent as it cleans.



  • Excellent dilution rates offer economy in use.
  • High degree of solvency and excellent degreasing performance.
  • Micro emulsion technology for rapid penetration of oil and grease.
  • Excellent rinsability and washability.
  • Non caustic formula may be used on soft metals and alloys.
  • Highly effective in removing lithium grease, carbonized oil, tar asphalt and bituminous deposits.
  • Free from petroleum and chlorinated solvents.