Solva DG 12


Heavy duty alkaline degreaser concentrate


Solva DG 12 is an aqueous alkaline degreaser designed for cleaning industrial oily soils and grease.  The particularly low interfacial tensions provided by this product cause oily soils to literally effervesce from the surface and facilitate rapid cleaning. This product doesn’t contain caustic and can be used in a wide range of industrial applications that include industrial floors, workshops, rigs, engineering components and similar areas contaminated with heavy oil and grease.


  • Rapidly liberates oily soils from surfaces.
  • Ultra low interfacial tension reduction.
  • Performs well at high dilution rates.
  • No harsh solvents, safe and non voc formulation.
  • Non caustic formulation, safe to use on soft metals and alloys.
  • Excellent dilution rates offer economy in use.
  • Highly effective in removing lithium grease.