Solva 160

heavy duty

Heavy duty solvent degreaser

Solva 160 is a heavy duty industrial degreaser formulated using refined low odor aliphatic hydrocarbons, emulsifiers, surface active agents and performance additives. This product is used for tank cleaning and general purpose degreasing. Solva 160 offers a combination of excellent degreasing power and low residue on drying. Solva 160 is not classified as flammable and serves as a safer alternative to most hazardous solvents used throughout the industry. Solva 160 is a single step solution for use on even the most sensitive metals or plastics and in critical applications as well as for general oil and grease removal.


  • High degreasing performance due to excellent detergency, emulsification and surface wetting.
  • Formulated with corrosion inhibitors.
  • Contains low aromatic hydrocarbons with a flash point over 600C and is not classified as flammable.
  • Excellent compatibility with metals and most plastics.
  • Exhibit Antistatic properties.
  • Suitable for use in ultrasonic cleaning systems.


  • Degreasing of machinery, components and assemblies during maintenance and repair.
  • Suitable for dip tank, brushing and spraying applications.
  • Cleaning of industrial floors, workshops, rigs and more that are contaminated with oily soils and grease.
  • Tank cleaning and general purpose degreasing
  • Suitable for pre cleaning prior to NOT testing or inspection and final cleaning prior to welding, painting, bonding or coating.